RNC Pharma was founded in 2013. Our name comes from the abbreviation, which describes our key competences in research and consulting in pharmaceutical market (Research&Consulting). Our company was established by a group of experts, who have more than 10-years’ experience in strategic planning and marketing management in pharmaceutical market. Later, a group of specialists, who had experience of working for such market leaders as Pharmexpert, joined our team.

Shortly before we started, Pharmexpert products and trademark were sold to an american company IMS Health, what practically ended Pharmexpert’s existence. After this deal, marketing research market faced an objective lack of information, as significant number of former Pharmexpert specialists did not join IMS Health.

Nowadays, RNC Pharma provides full range of services in the field of marketing information. The company holds its own primary data sources, some of which are totally exclusive, and owns unique methods of data analysis and interpretation.

In the beginning of our way, we decided to focus on the Russian pharmaceutical market structure analysis. At the same time, our experts do not just provide the usual consumer data. All our products significantly differ from forerunners by operative information update, data completeness, and range of analytical opportunities.

Our strategic development plan includes the development of other work areas, their appearance we will additionally announce later in a special way.